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Homework Policy

Homework is an integral part of our school curriculum and will play a role in the student’s grade. Homework is assigned because it reinforces what has been learned in class as well as a method to prepare each student for future and upcoming lessons.

Every Sunday, students will receive a “homework assignment sheet” for Arabic, Quranic and Islamic Studies, which should be kept neatly in a Sunday School folder. Homework will require student effort as well as parental involvement for timely completion. Parents will be required to sign the “homework assignment sheet” ensuring the completion of the work that is to be checked by the teachers the following Sunday. Students who come to school without completing their homework must have a signed note from their parents providing legitimate reason(s) for non-compliance with our “Homework Policy”.

It is requested that the parents make homework a priority at home and help their children with the homework process, however, it is highly discouraged for parents to complete the work for the students. Each student must take a pro-active approach in completing their own work.

Please contact the office and/or teachers for any questions regarding this policy. ICTV School looks forward to your continued support and cooperation.