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Our Story

The Islamic Center of Temecula Valley

February 1998

Five Muslim families started ICTV and prayed in each others homes during Ramadan in Temecula.

April 1998

Rented an office space at Front Street to conduct regular Friday Prayers.

December 1998

ICTV registered as a non-profit organization and obtained an IRS tax exempt status.

April 1999

Expanded prayer hall at our Front Street location.

April 2000

Purchased 4.3 Acres of land at Nicholas Road to establish a future Islamic Community Center.

Sept 2003

Moved to a building located at Rio Nedo Street, Temecula, CA.

October 2006

Board of Directors in consultation with leaders of the community initiated plans to build a full service community center on our land.

April 2008

ICTV submitted comprehensive building and design plans for our New Islamic Community Center to the City of Temecula Planning.

May 2008 – Present:

Building Committee has been continuously working through our architect & Engineers with the City of Temecula Planning Department to obtain final approval for construction.